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Wisdom of (Binned) Crowds: A Bayesian Stratification Paradigm for Crowd Counting, ACM Multimedia 2021
Authors: Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Sravya Vardhani Shivapuja, Mansi Pradeep Khamkar, Divij Bajaj

Abstract: The datasets employed to train deep networks for crowd counting are typically heavy-tailed in count distribution and exhibit discontinuities across the count range. As a result, the de-facto statistical measures (MSE, MAE) exhibit large variance and tend to be unreliable indicators of performance across the count range. To address these concerns in a holistic manner, we revise processes at various stages of a standard processing pipeline for crowd counting. To enable principled and balanced minibatch sampling, we propose a novel smoothed Bayesian sample stratification approach. We propose a novel cost function which can be readily incorporated into existing crowd counting deep networks to encourage strata-aware optimization. We analyze the performance of representative crowd counting approaches across standard datasets at per strata level and in aggregate. Altogether, our contributions represent a nuanced, statistically balanced and fine-grained characterization of performance for crowd counting approaches.

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